Monday, December 24, 2007

His demeanor is better

Here is Duke outside right after his bath getting rid of excess water. Look at his demeanor changing already. You can see it in his stance. He's still timid and skittish, but he's coming into his own, holding his head higher and strong enough to stand up straight. His fur is growing in, but both of his eyes are still so red. We're treating it every 12 hours with an antibiotic ointment. He does not like it at all and it takes both me and Harold to get the ointment applied.

And boy does he (WARNING! TMI!) poop! But he's eating like a hog and what goes in, must come out. Ha ha ha ... OK. Now for MY bath. A must after bathing a dog.

PS. Look at those feet he's going to grow into. He's going to be one big dog!

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