Sunday, November 20, 2005


What a day today was. The weather was nice. Warm and sunny and I decided to finish grouting the hot tub. That didn't take that long. Hubby and I drained the hot tub last week after pressure washing it and one day this past week I scrubbed it with bleach water, so I needed to get it finished so we could fill it up and enjoy it this coming Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

We then read the paper and had a short snooze when I conned hubby into playing Monopoly. Now this isn't just any Monopoly board game, let me tell you. I was in Sam's Club yesterday and saw this most AWESOME Monopoly game. For $79.99 and tax it is a phenomenal game. The game board is built into a drawer and the pieces are exquisitely made. No plastic houses and motels in this game. They're made of metal and the hotels have a gold hue to it that makes them resemble Las Vegas glitz.

And Jesse won the game. Katie took off with the lead and was grinning from ear to ear and then my spouse gave Jesse the third red property. I yelled, HAROLD ARE YOU FLIPPING NUTS, but to no avail. They made the deal. And even though I handed Harold over a thousand dollars by over paying him for some chump properties (the 3rd in the orange, St. James Place) Jesse won. Katie lost with a flourish also. Ha ha ha ... And the competition heated up between father and son.

Okay Bones, you did it. This time. Wait until next time though!!!

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