Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Whitey's Diner, Fremont, OH

I sat up at the counter, which was always my favorite seat when I lived there and frequented the joint. Chatted with Mark for a while and picked at his memory until he remembered me.

Gosh! Have I been gone that long???

And talk about some grub. Lord have mercy! I ordered eggs, bacon, Mark's famous potatoes and could only eat half of it. Unfortunately, I attacked my food with gusto before I thought of taking a picture of the enormous amount of food set in front of me, but that plate of food I shot is a close resemblance of mine. Add the bacon and replace the white toast with whole wheat.

I had to take half of it with me. Even the bacon. I was given 7 strips of thick, crisp bacon. I ate 3 of them. They didn't go to waste though. Ha ha ha ... Sandy's son saw them and just like that, they were gone!

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