Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Remember Me

"Remember me always, but do not grieve for me too long. I have tried always to comfort you in times of sorrow, and have made every effort to add joy to your life. I never wanted to cause you pain.
Peace for me is certain now, and I suspect I will have eternal sleep in the earth I have loved so well.
Please, after your period of grieving for me, make room in your heart for another. You are the kind of human being that should always have a friend like me to love. Your kind and gentle heart should not be wasted on my memory for too long. Give your love to another. I know your new friend will never take my place because we had something very special. It may not be the same, but a new devoted and loving companion will in time become special in their own way.
You loved me very much and I loved you. My spirit will always be with you, and no matter how deep my sleep, my grateful heart will always remember you."
Author unknown

I was floated to another facility last night and this, along with a picture of someone's beloved dog, was posted on the bulletin board. I copied it, took a picture of the backyard memorial I made for Nugget, and now you have it.

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