Monday, October 09, 2006

Atriniti rips you off

Unbelieveable. I have been shopping on the internet for years and years. Before shopping on the internet got cool. No lie. I would have to say my shopping on the internet started in the late 90's. And Atriniti is the first place that sent me the incorrect item and then not accept it back as a return.

Let me start from the beginning.

A friend of mine was over and we were playing around on the net. I have 512 megs of RAM and it was decided I needed another 512 for my computer needs. We go to several search engines and we find what I'm looking for in the upper 40's. I don't remember the exact price. I thought, wow! Cool! Others were more and in the search for 512 megs of RAM, with shipping and all, this was the best buy.

And I don't hear another word from them. I never received a confirmation email, a list of what I bought. Nothing.

In their defense, they say that Comcast, my isp, has their emails blocked. (humfpt! for good reason too I'd say)

I began to think that the transaction never happened. Then about 10 days later (just an aproximate guess because I have nothing to base it on) I receive a package. I look and in this huge box is a small bar of RAM. Wow! It went through and I went and checked my credit card account and sure enough there is a charge there. A much smaller one of $34 from Atriniti. Hmmmm ...

And I look at the bar and UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME I had to open up the package to see what it was compared to my RAM. The middle notch didn't match up. It was DDR2 and NOT DDR which is what I ordered. And stupid me should've noticed the /256 at the end of the lettering too, but I didn't.

Is it a total loss? No, my daughter can use the RAM for her kids computer and I've sent it to her. But that's not the point.

The point is, I did a 512 meg search, clicked on the best price, and received a 256 bar that wasn't even appropriate for my computer. Okay. I'm the stupid one. I'm the dummy. NOT!!! I'll bet anything their website had a glitch, I clicked correctly, but the click was sent incorrectly and voila. The wrong package at my door.

Their customer service department -- ugh. They reminded me of when I caught my kids doing something wrong and they would try to convince me that I didn't see or find what I did see or find. Please don't try to tell me I purchased something I was not in the market for.

My lesson learned? I will never open up another package that does not have an email confirmation stating what my purchase was. I will send it back unopened directly to the sender -- and finally, I will NEVER buy anything from Atriniti again.

And if by posting this I stop one person from the same problem with Atriniti then that's even better.

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les said...

awww alecia i know exactly how you feel.although i have never bought directly from the internet,i have been in the same position many times and yes it does sicken you.well like you said" a big lesson learned uh". take care ok"